Selling on Keanyi: How to Upload Products.

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Selling on African Marketplace keanyi.com is as easy as anything, in this tutorial, we will guide you on step by step of creating and publishing your first product.

We must re-echo that Products Images on keanyi must be of high quality (See our Terms and condition page) without watermarks and other irregularities.

We assumed that you are logged in already as vendor, or click here to sign up.

We will start with Uploading of a Simple Product.
Simple Product covers the vast majority of any products you may sell,theses are products without much options like sizes ,colors etc. For example, a book.

Adding a Simple Product.

Click on Dashboard and this page should appear ,click on the red circled navigation Box

Step One

2.Click on the products tab.

Step 2

Click on the Squared Box on the right

Step 3 -Products Name,Description and Prices .

Enter Products Data which includes ,Products Name and Short description.

Regular Price – Item’s normal/regular price

Sale Price – Item’s discounted price that can then be scheduled for certain date ranges. The sale expires at 11:59pm of the specified end date

Step 4 -Product Images and Categories

Main Products Images
The First Box is the image Box is product major image or picture.

Featured Image Product
the second image box is featured images which is other product images of the same products at different views or colors.

These are different categories in which the products you are uploading falls into, it can be Fashion, men fashion, Books etc according to the products you are uploading,so you tap to add categories to your product.

Step 5- Publishing as Draft or For Review.

At this stage you can Publish your product for Review if you have imputed all needed details or Draft should in case the details are not complete in which you can come back later to complete it.

Uploading Variable Products.

Variable Products are products with so many options like sizes, colors,bags etc. e.g Shoes different sizes and colors.

Adding Virtual products is almost the same steps with simple products with slight different features.

Step One – Switch from Simple product to Variable product

Select Simple Products option and select variable Products.

Add Products name,Description ,others

Step 2- Adding Attributes

SKU :SKU is a stock keep unit, used to track products. SKU is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes. You can create SKU with unique numbers/A to track your products.

Manage Stock: This enables you to track the number of products left unsold should in case the products are limited in stocks. once checked, it gives you option to enter the number of such product available.

IN Stock: Tap on the in stock column and select options. The options includes:
In Stock : Select if the product is available
Out of Stock: Select of the product is unavailable.

Next;Tap on Attributes and select options according to the product you are about adding. For Example ,if it is a shoe, select “Shoe Size” or “Size” .

Click on select all , uncheck “Visible on Page, and check “Use as variation, Next; click save and tap on variation

Step 3: Variation

Click on Manage SKU if the products is limited by numbers for e.g 10 pairs of shoes left.

Enter prices as shown in simple product.

Add SKU number

Step 4 : Publish

Publish your Products and wait for Approval.

leave comment if you encounter any difficulty.

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